Friday, January 20, 2012

Tennis: Australian Open 2012 Predictions

The 2012 Australian Open is off to a great start on both the Men’s and Women’s sides. The top 4 seeds are still alive in both draws. With Andy Roddick bowing out due to an injury, and John Isner falling in 5 sets, there are no longer any Americans left in the Men’s Draw.

Here are our predictions:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Playoff Predictions: the road to Super Bowl XLVI

Contributed by Tim Te-Bob (our NFL insider!)

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The week between the Wildcard and the Divisional playoff games is a time of reflection. The impact of injuries are magnified, as Steelers fans can’t help but think they would have made it to the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for Big Ben’s uncooperative left ankle or Brett Keisel’s sprained beard. It’s also a time for contemplating how your outside-looking-in team (I’m looking at you Jets and Cowboys fans) would have fared compared to the Bengals or the lowly Falcons.

We would like to think the Super Bowl race is clearer than before the regular season finale, but is it? We now know that the Packers could win with Robin Matt Flynn at quarterback, that the Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul is in fact Optimus Prime, that Julian Edelman (Patriots WR) is probably a better DB than Ike Taylor (Steelers CB who was burned repeatedly by the Broncos) and that “Tebowing” may soon replace high-fives as America’s celebration of choice. But do we actually know who is on track to win the Championship? In my opinion, there are too many questions surrounding each team to say that there is a clear favorite on the board.