Monday, October 10, 2011

Tennis: Serve Like A Pro

Each tennis player has their own unique service motion. At the core of everybody's individual tennis serve, these keys should form the fundamental foundation:

  • One fluid motion.
  • Strike the ball at the apex of the toss.
  • Keep tossing arm up as long as possible.
  • Watch your racket contact the ball.
  • Utilize a full follow through.

As they say, "practice with a purpose". What I mean by this is you should evaluate each practice serve after you hit them. Think about the list above and try to figure out what pieces may have been missing in each practice serve or what you may be able to improve on next time. Once you hit a perfect serve and you know each of the fundamentals were included, all you have to do is repeat it!

After you master these fundamentals in regards to your serve, you will find that you can apply them to many other parts of your game as well, including your ground strokes.

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