Thursday, October 25, 2012

NFL Week 7: Top 3 Performances

Contributed by Sam Cheetham.
Area Manager, USA Sport Group.

Tennessee Titans 35-34 Buffalo Bills
The game of the weekend came from New York, with Tennessee ending up victorious. The Titans, inspired by Chris Johnson who had two touchdowns and rushed for 195 yards, managed to win this up and down game. The clutch play in the game came from Matt Hasselbeck as he earned his 22nd career fourth quarter win and second in consecutive weeks. The Titans where helped by constantly inconsistent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who ended with 225 yards and three scores, but turned the ball over twice in critical situations, which lead to Titans touchdowns.

Arizona Cardinals 14-21 Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota continues to shock and managed a big win against another surprise team in Arizona. Peterson ran for 153 yards and a score, and managed to make up with Vikings poor passing effort as Ponder threw for a pitiful 58 yards with two picks. In the second half, the Vikings pass was shameful, and this was typified when the Vikings were forced to punt on 5 consecutive drives. That said, the Vikings got the most important thing out of the game and that was another win. This was in part down to the strong defence of Minnesota who got to Skelton with ease sacking him on 7 different occasions, meaning the Cardinals have now allowed 35 sacks this season. After a 4-0 start, concerns will start creeping into Arizona’s locker room who will need to try and sort out their problems quickly if they want to make a legitimate playoff push.

Baltimore Ravens 13-43 Houston Texans
Not the most important game of the season as the two teams stand in different conferences, however, it was an impressive performance from Houston who showed great bouncebackability after a disappointing result and performance against Green Bay. With the Ravens looking short on defence due to recent injuries it was important for them to see Terrell Suggs return, who managed a sack in the first quarter and ended up with three solo tackles. However, Baltimore D looked lost at times without inspirational leader Ray Lewis. Houston’s offence looked strong with two TD passes from Schaub with Foster adding two rushing touchdowns.  The Texans have finally managed to beat the Ravens for the first time in their seventh meeting, having lost the previous six including the play off game from last season.

Play of the Week
Joseph Morgan, New Orleans
Joseph Morgan’s TD catch for New Orleans is sure to be one of the top plays of the season. After a Drew Brees pump fake and a perfect 45 yard pass, Joseph Morgan managed to duck under a tackle, stand up and make the oncoming defender flip over him, then he takes a hard hit to get over the line! A truly spectacular play! Watch it here.

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