Monday, September 24, 2012

3 Sporting Events To Look Forward To

Contributed by Terry Gradwell.
Regional Director, USA Sport Group.

World Cup Final, Brazil 2014
Consider yourself to be a soccer fan? If so there can be no more mouth watering a thought than watching a World Cup final in Brazil. As much as my home country may claim to have given the sport to the world (contentiously) I would claim that the Brazilians have single handedly inspired, amazed, and enthused more generations of soccer players and fans than any other. Don’t worry if you cannot be in Rio for the final on July 13th. With almost half of the world’s population tuning into the previous final, I imagine you will be in good company watching from the comfort of your armchair.

Super Bowl XLVII, New Orleans 2013
Having lived in the United States for almost five years now, I have become acutely aware of the love for ‘football’ season here. Triggered each year by the frenzy of fantasy football team selection, and culminating with the spectacle that is the Super Bowl in February. 2013 may prove to be more poignant than most as New Orleans, a city still reeling from Hurricane Katrina hitting in 2005 will be hosting what is considered to be one of the greatest shows in the world. The current season may still be in its infancy, but the talk from many fans is enthusiastically focused on just who will be taking the field when Super Bowl Sunday comes around.

The Ryder Cup, Illinois 2012
The stereotypical image of golfers and those involved in the sport may not initially stir up emotions for many of you. Now open your mind a little (no, just a little more) and tune in in September to watch twenty four of the world’s most skilled golfers compete in one of the most highly charged atmospheres you are ever likely to witness in sport. With the European team being current holders of the trophy, the US team will be looking for a win on home soil and wrestle the bragging rights back.

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